Our story

Nippy’s Crate

Family made

The Nippy’s family now owns three companies in South Australia that are independently owned and run by members of our Nippy’s family.

The main business is the manufacture of fruit juice and flavoured dairy products under the Nippy’s name.

Controlling the quality, consistency and freshness – from tree to pack – has helped us develop a well-loved South Australian brand, as well as a diverse range of delicious products.

Our story

The delicious range of products, and family behind them, have a genuine ‘tree to table’ story to tell.

For 50 years, Nippy’s has been a household name – a proudly South Australian owned, third generation, family run manufacturer of real Fruit Juices and Flavoured milk drinks.

Regency Park

Nippy’s Fruit Juices Pty Ltd at Regency Park is the only major fresh juice company that manufactures in Adelaide.

This is an ideal location to ensure that the products are delivered as fresh as possible to customers throughout South Australia and interstate.

The Regency Park site is where the entire range of Nippy’s Fresh Juice products are squeezed and bottled. The refrigeration, storage, receival and distribution of Nippy’s products are the other main activities of the Regency Park site.

The oranges for Nippy’s juice are transported to Adelaide to maximise freshness by minimising the time between juicing and delivering.


State-of the-art, Cold Aseptic Packaging facility.

At the Moorook facility, the production of Nippy’s long-life products takes place, including juices, organic juices and flavoured dairy drinks. These products are sold in Australia and also exported overseas.



Nippy’s Waikerie Producers Pty Ltd is a citrus Packing and Processing complex situated on Ian Oliver Drive, on the eastern edge of the township, in the Riverland of South Australia.

Originally established in 1914 as a Growers Co-operative to pack and sell dried fruit, it is now a privately owned as part of the Knispel family group of companies.

The fruit is sourced from local and Riverland fruit-growers who deliver to depots or directly to the Waikerie plant. Nippy’s also owns and manages almost 600 acres of our own orchards.



Nippy’s has Certification to the ISO9001 Quality International Standard including a certified HACCP based food safety system. External audits are conducted on a 6 monthly basis by SAI Global Certification Services.

The Nippy’s certified HACCP system identifies, evaluates and controls hazards to ensure Nippy’s maintains safety in food.

The scope of HACCP Plan is from the receipt of fruit, ingredients and long life products to dispatch of packaged juice, water and long life products to customers.

Environmental action

Our companies are committed to being environmentally responsible.

We endeavour to adhere to Australian Packaging Covenant principles in line with the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines.

These are demonstrated operational activities ranging from packaging design/technique, procuring raw materials, processing, and an extensive recycling programme including management and utilisation of waste products.